Bugged Guild on Armory after Guild Name Change!
We were called Hard Skill before christmas and then we contacted a GM in-game to have a name change we decided upon Enigma

it was moved from my alt (Holding the name Enigma) and my alts guilds name was replaced with the name Poison

now we are now progressing in Enigma since xmas armory seems to be bugged still pointing at Poison and still shows us all in Hard Skill?!?!? so its quite a major bug/issue caused by a guild name change! we just killed Chogall and none of this is shown on armory or can be searched for by other progress web pages .....

have contacted many GMs but all of them are unable to help telling me that it appears ok in-game .. they dont deal with/ they dont care about Armory

see my character to the left? says Enigma right? try click it and watch what happens!!!! plz what can we do? or what can u do to fix this?

Occult guild: Enigma / Burning Blade - Europe
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