upgrading graphics card
i am about to update comp with a new graphics card.i was going to get an nvid one but after reading numerous posts on various sites including this one and u.s. forums i am having second thoughts.is there another type of graphics card you could reccomend.not looking for state of the art high end card,just something that will run the game at a decent framerate .thanks to all for amy information you can give.keep it to laymen terms please .kruger.

25 horde walk into a bar
barman says "is this a raid" ?You could go for either an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, or an ATI Radeon HD 5750. They are virtually identical in terms of performance, so the price should be the deciding factor.It all depends on your budget and your current system.
It all depends on your budget and your current system.

This; a new GPU might not make much of a difference if the rest of your PC is slow. :)
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