Random fps drops.
Hiya, i recently just got my laptop back with a new processor. And ive updated everything ingame etc, got the game set to lowest detail. But quite often i get fps drops to an unplayable number. Whats happened? is there anything i can do to fix this manually? ive just spent a month waiting for it to return so, dont really want to send it off again.bumpi have made no changes since the wednesday patch and my fps has been down to 0! yes thats right a whopping fat 0 - it is hovering around 1 and 13

what is happening????im suffering from random FPS drops too

its fine when im hanging around in elwynn forrest or Stormwind,but then suddenly when i enter arena loading screen finnishes i find myself with 15 fps...

what is this?
FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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