Stuck on logging into game server
I know this is another post about an old topic, but I know for a fact its a problem.
Both a friend of mine and myself can no longer log into our accounts on my laptop, but when we try it on his its perfectly fine (Same internet connection, Wireless connection)

Ive tried the usual ipconfigs, and Ive tried relogging, rebooting my router and computer etc...
I was wondering if you have any more tips?

((EDIT: Tested this out on the PTRs, still wont get past logging into game server))Still no progress. Anyone?Hi Thain

If youre able to log in on another computer on the same network, it means it must be something to that specific computer causing it.

Can you try running Windows in a Selective Startup to see if another program is causing the problem, a guide to this mode is here:

Can you also check the realmlist file, you can find this in the World of Warcraft / Data / enGB folder, you can try deleting that, then running the Repair Tool, and see if you can log in after that.
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