Unable to play on one character?
Hi there,

Recently (about 2 weeks or so ago) I started to have problems playing on this character (Wolfmin), with the game constant stuttering and freezing, with eventual disconnects. I have run the repair tool numerous times, deleted the Cache, Interface and WTF files more than once too. I believe that this has happened before (cant remember when) but the same type of thing happened.

Whenever I play on a different character, the game runs fine with no lag whatsoever. Im not amazing with computers, but generally know what Im talking about, yet I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this. Every other program on my computer runs fine too.

Any help would be appreciated (let me know if you need more info).


Ive the same problem, my Jagarbest was disconnected one time during a fligt now when I log in Im automatically disconnected right away.

When I play with my other character the game runs fine with no problem what so ever.

Any tips/ tricks?

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