Computer restarts when playing WoW
I have lately been getting a problem with the computer rebooting while playing WoW.

Last thursday my router broke and I bought a 3G mobile internet modem to use while waiting for my ISP to deliver a new router.

My drivers are all updated.

What happens is this:
I play WoW and everything is running smoothly. Then out of the blue, my computer just restarts. No bluescreen, no error messages, nothing. It just simply restarts. This is kind of annoying, especially in a dungeon, or when I have been queuing for a heroic the last 30-40 minutes or so...

My system is a Win XP with 1GB RAM, an Nvidia Geforce 6600 512MB Graphics card and an AMD Athlon 1800+ processor. I know, its not the most modern machine, but this has been sufficient enough to play before.Hi Fradbear

In order for the Blue Screen to show, we need to turn Automatic Restarts off.

- Click on the Start button
- Right-click on My Computer and left-click Properties
- Click on the Advanced tab
- Click on the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery area
- Uncheck the Automatically Restart option and click OK

Then see what happens, if you get an error, please write it down and let us know what it says.
The automatic restarts have been unchecked for the last year. Still get no errors, just a restart without any prior warnings.You can also check your event viewer in windows... It should report every time the system shuts down or encounters a critical error.
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