[Suggestion] A better need before greed system
So this has been suggested on the old forums, but seems to have gone under the radar. Ill start by giving some motivation for why I feel this would be a good change.

Im often in dungeons, as Ive got a few tanks and healers. This is because I enjoy the good groups. Friendly atmosphere, good execution, etc. Then theres the other groups. Bad players, people who keep blood presence on as DPS, etc. Now all that, I wouldnt know how to fix. But one symptom of the bad players, I do know how to fix: Ninjas.

Weve all been there. Ran a dungeon 10-15 times, and finally that piece you want drops. Promptly, 3 DPS need on your tanking trinket. Cue another 30 runs before you even see it again.

This annoys me to no end, and to be honest, it stops me playing for at least a few hours, because I feel like Blizzard is failing at giving a good playing environment. Instead, they introduce a hostile atmosphere, where everything is "me first".

Now my sincere hope is that this is because they simply havent come up with an idea for fixing this.

So heres the idea that can fix this.

Each item is pretty clearly designed for a tank, DPS or healer. Additionally, all players in random dungeons have a role assigned to them. Now heres the trick: Simply tag each item with the role its meant for, and only allow people who has that role assigned to click need.

Now youre probably going "but sometimes I need for offspec". Thats fine. To that end, a new button should be added. Maybe change the original need to golden dice, and have silver dice to the left of it, over the disenchant button. This is the offspec need. If you are able to assume the role, the item is meant for, and you can equip the item, you can click this button. This puts you between main spec needs and greed/disenchant. That way, if the tank doesnt need that tanking trinket, its yours.

My five cents.I personally really like this idea. As a tank/healer myself I can see where youre coming from.
The only problem would be - it could be hard to implement.
Some healing items for clothies is arguably better than a similar DPS piece... for DPS
Theres plate items with no dodge or parry, that are ideal for both Tanks AND DPS

I really like the suggestion, and if Blizzard could get it off of the ground it be awesome - but, sadly, I cant see it happening.
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