Cross the line = lag
I have experience a couple of lag areas for myself only it seems. Cant find anything about it anywhere.

It mostly happens when Im in Bastion of Twilight and Blackwing Decent. Plus it happens the same place everytime even though I go out and in again or after a wipe.

The thing is, I play wow with no lag problems at all but when I go into Bastion of Twilight and use the lift after the two first bosses my fps drops from 60 down to 2.
In Blackwing Decent it happens in the tunnel right after Valiona and Theralion. It happens everytime I go past these invisible lines and I have to relog everytime.

And answers to why this may happen?

The same thing happens when I have used a portal or teleported to Orgrimmar and I use my flying mount to get out of the Cleft of Shadows.
As I said before I have no problems otherwise except these above mentioned episodes.
Try delete Cache and WTF foldersAs Disconmanco mentioned, to make sure that this issue isnt being caused by an out of date or corrupt addon please delete your WTF, Cache and Interface folders.

Do not replace any AddOns before attempting to play the game again. It seemed to be working after I removed the Cache folder.

Thank you :)
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