WoW playing only in the top left screen.
Okay. So basically I wanted to be playing with better graphics and running with d3d11. So I downloaded the new nVidia patch and tried to change my but it wouldnt let me : It kept saying "Access Denied". It wasnt on read only or anything by the way. So in the end I decided to just delete it and let WoW recreate a new one with default settings. After this, I remembered that I could just add "-d3d11" to my WoW shortcut, but when I tried to run the game, it only plays in the top left corner of my screen but the buttons etc work as if they were on the normal area so to click things I was basically click in the dark trying to change graphics settings, none of which helped.

Any ideas on how to solve this?Hi Aries

Well the first thing Id recommend is to remove the d3d11 tag, just to test.

You can also try deleting the WTF, Cache[b] and [b]Interface folders too, then try the game then and see if that helps.Okay. It all seems to be working fine. Although when I deleted my WTF folder I had to go edit my config to SET gxCursor "0" (As per usual when I reset my

Should I try it again with the d3d11 tag now?You can try, nothing will be harmed by giving it a go and if it does the same thing again, you can just remove it again
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