[Mac] Game overestimates recommended video settings
Im slightly concerned because when I put the video settings on the recommended values I get framerates of about 10-15 FPS in pretty much every zone. I had to lower most of the settings to get bearable (24 FPS or more) framerates. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong here?

I have an iMac from about a year ago with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics card, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4GB of RAM.

Tyarii am having the same problem over the last few days on PC. i use the same G Card it keeps wanting me to play on good setings but im getting poor frame rate, a few days ago it was fine on good settings.

ive lowerd it to fair and it is still poorHi there,

Some Macs may need to just disable the Water Effects and Sunshafts to achieve smoother performance.

The guide though doesnt always accurately state what your system can handle though, it uses a few different criteria to judge the computer and can sometimes be a little off, unfortunately.The above, sunshafts, liquid details and also shadows are currently completely buggy under OSX. You can usually have everything on recommended settings, as long as you turn off sunshafts and turn liquid details and shadows all the way down.

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