Coonection problems after Tools download
Last week the client downloaded updated tools (dont know what tools). After that (right after on next start up), the connection log startet to show:

15:57:51.1091 Launcher version
15:57:52.7246 Starting PatchOnDemand system...
15:57:52.7332 Retrieving torrent information from the server.
15:57:54.2017 Found a Microsoft firewall.
15:57:54.2315 Could not enable Universal Plug-and-Play connection (error: )
15:57:54.2721 Added rule for Blizzard Downloader to Microsoft Firewall
15:57:54.2727 Not found Bonjour service.
15:57:54.2824 Play-on-demand initial values:
15:57:54.2824 238813184/238813184
15:57:54.2824 7069499392/7069499392
15:57:54.2824 7652507648/7652507648
15:57:54.2827 Connecting to: with 1
15:57:54.4570 Connected to tracker in 86+88 ms
15:58:14.2788 Creating Windows UPnPEngine interface
15:58:14.2789 Getting UPnPDevice Information
15:58:22.2412 Connecting to: with 3
15:58:22.4624 Connected to tracker in 56+165 ms
15:58:23.3747 No UPnP Device Found.
15:58:23.3918 Restoring UPnP value to false under Windows Firewall
15:58:23.4412 Could not enable Microsoft Firewall UPnP service (Error 0x80070005)
15:58:23.4412 Removing port 3724 from Windows Firewall
15:58:23.4518 Could not use Microsoft firewall. (INetFwOpenPort Remove) (Error 0x80070005)
15:58:23.4518 Disabling Blizzard Downloader for Windows Firewall
15:58:23.4628 Could not disconnect this program from Microsofts firewall

And now my ms vent from 50ms to 200msHi Kheesa

You mention the connection.log file, but what exactly happens with the game? What message do you get when youre trying to play?Check the last line.... ms is 4 times the normal and I get lag spikes where I freeze for a sec
FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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