Weird lag on abilities
Hi peeps,

this is my ... i dunno how many posts i made about this issue, i even discussed with GMs ingame and not even they can help me.
got some weird lag on abilities, i gotta press a button for like 10 times for that spell to proceed, i took out the p2p from launcher , was working perfectly that day , second day same issue appeared again. i cant press half of my spells that has something else to do... for ex:
1- heroic throw
2- all aoe from my prot warr
3- shield on my discpriest
4- avenger shield on this pally
5- hammer of righteouss
and many many other on all my toons, and i play all 10 classes.
somehow lets say when weakened soul must run off, it just pulsess for more 5 seconds on value 0 on the target and i cant put another shield so i gotta spam other heals, and when u press button for shield like 5 times , your target is mostly dead already, same for my tanks taunts and aoe abilities.
i guess u got the point...
my internet connection is a broadband of 50mb/s , its crappy but my ms ingame are around 80-90.
before patch 401 never had this trouble and i had same internet connection and same win 7 32b (i reinstalled win few times, reinstalled game few times, resets of UI many times, deleting those 3 folders, playing without addons etc)
sometimes i have this issue and sometimes i dont have it at all, this is why i dont understand.
thx all for your help.Hi Dragutza

If youre experiencing lagging issues like this, you may just need to alter your Network Connection Configuration, you can find a guide to this here:

If that doesnt help, you can also lower your MTU.

To do this, firstly download Dr. TCP which can be found here;

When it is downloaded, run it and then select your Network Adapter from the drop down list. Please then enter 1400 in the box marked MTU, click Save and then restart your system. Then, test the game to see if these settings have resolved this issue.incredible

it worked , ill tell here what i did,
i disabled those checksumms
then i downloaded that software and i put MTU at 1400 , at first tests it works , gonna hit some dungeons to see beter :)
thx Lurdlesporwill this affect somehow the other pcs on my network at home, because since i did those my brother pc keep disconnecting from net from time to time ...
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