WOW Crash when i see female COWS
i log into my account, i choose my realm, i enter the character selection screen, tap my lock, and click enter, loading goes, and goes and when its done wow crashes with an error.

EDIT: as the Error states, it seems i only get this when i encounter female taurens in the game / Char creation.

that sounds a little like this: " This application has encountered a critical error:

Program: E:World of WarcraftWoW.exe
File: character aurenfemale aurenfemale.m2

7A8B0162873F7E9826E1772CF9E012D2 1855328 1
Data/Cache/patch-base-13287.MPQ "

might be noted that i just faction changed my Gnome Warlock to a Goblin Warlock, renamed in the process of this dunno if this has anything to do with it as i have never had a problem with it before.

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit
RAM: 4gb 1333mhz RAM
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 240 Processor 2.8ghz
GPU: HD Radeon 5770 1gb DDR3
HDD: 500gb 200gb (both 7200rpm)

ONLY GET THIS ERROR ON MY HORDE CHARS, as it says its probly the tauren female graphic that makes it crash, dunno how i fix this, please help me :) <3

EDIT: if i go to character creation screen, choose tauren, everything is fine.
BUT if i click female i get instantly the same wow crash, gotta be something wrong, even used the repair tool. never had this problem before like 2 hours ago.
EDIT: Have deleted Cache/WTF/Interface folders and tried again, no change at all.Try running the Repair tool, if that fails, try deleting your WTF, Cache and Interface folders.

Note: Deleting your Interface folder will delete your AddOns, so save them elsewhere.yeah i have tried that, didnt work, i get the same error, even on char creation and logging in. it seems i only get this when i encounter a tauren female, as i can log into all my chars except those who are logged out in a horde city(close to some female cows) i did get a wowerror earlier in TB i can recall with the same error.Make sure you have the following drivers installed:

If you need to install these drivers, be sure to uninstall your current drivers first.

You can find helpful videos on how to uninstall your current drivers here:
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