graphic card dies or problem, help pls?

so when i try to play wow my graphic card always dies or just gets all pixely (check printscreens below).
this only happens when i play wow, never when i play black ops, rift or anything similar...
my Graphic card: ATI RADEON HD 5600 SERIES
(yes...ive got the newest drivers...there is a newer driver on their homepage but if install that i cant play ANY game :/)

needs to know anything else? ask....Please ask! ^^
I doubt this will work, but try deleting your WTF and Cache folder.
29/01/2011 10:06 PMPosted by Kailumnah its your card Im afraid...try to boot your pc in safe mode and wait a bit..if it disappears after a while then it 100% broken graphic core...So you might go to the seller and try to change it to normal one
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