Cant see names

I cant see other players, enemiy or friendly npcs names. If I press them the name will come up.

Also, if I enable nameplates I can see the name of _some_ of the NPCs (not all).

I can see the names of critters (SO THATS FINE!).

This happend after installing some addons I think. Ive also noted some issues with the built in quest-tracker (quest that are finished still showing up, wrong spots marked on the map, some quests not on the map at all).

What I have done so far
  • Enabled names in Interface-options of course

  • Used the "Reset User Data"-thingy at the login screen

  • Deleted WTF, Interface and Cache-folders

  • Used repair tool

  • Installed latest display drivers (and restarted the computer n times)

  • Deleted UAC-folder !*%@
  • Hello Stompelomp

    Please do not swear on our forums.

    You should also delete the Cache folder found in the Data directory, and then try the game again and see if that helps.
    FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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