i would like to play my game now!
ive been trying to log in to my game but when i select my character and press enter i get the loading bar and right at the end when i should be in the game world it says "disconnected form server" not i have done the usual scandisk, defrag etc. even the wow repair tool and it keep doing it.

any help form anyone would be welcome as this is very annoying since it worked perfectly (as well as wow ever does) a few hours before??I have the same problem man but for me the game just hangs in the loading screen and dont say "disconnected form server",make a thread and no response either!Hello,

Could you please delete the Interface and DataCache folder and try again?

Is this issue affecting all of your characters? If so, please turn your router off for 10-15 minutes then ensure your network adapter is running updated drivers.

If this issue is affecting one character only, please login onto the game with another character and contact the in-game Game Masters.I have same problem 30 min ago, i was playing fine in morning, then exit wow and cant log on now, getting instant DC when im in Ogri, i restart my PC and then i log normaly, but i was unable to join any RBG......so i exit WOW and now i cant log in again....
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