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I recently posted a suggestion on this forum in professions section. But since there is lots of posted suggestions and complaints, it could be hard for GMs and other Blizzard employees to respond.
Lots if suggestions are very good and could make WoW better and its really sad that those ideas goes away almost unnoticed. I understand if Blizzard dont take serious WoW enthusiast suggestions because: "WE are BIG guys that work in BIG company and do BIG things... and those small kids can go .. with their small ideas and we dont need any ideas because we have BIG peoples who work here to create good ideas AND the game is going well without your ideas + Blizzard has more than old WoW and your small ideas to worry about". ^_^ ...dont get me wrong.
Any way... i have an IDEA. :D
Lets give a chance to WoW enthusiasts to work for this game to make it better.
Give us all tools to work with and make some place in web to vote and decide who has best work. Then Blizzard will have to only choose between best of all ideas + the work will be already done and all Blizzard will have to do is to include it in to game.
There is lots of talented peoples outside Blizzard. They are making lots of good mods for WoW and other games. Only problem is that you cant use those mods safely. (I mean 3D mods ect. not addons).
Dont get me wrong... All i want is to make WoW better.Pretty sure that any decent ideas do get picked up by Blizzard, its not a BIG and small kids rivalry. Good ideas from addons have made it into game, Questhelper being one of them.

Youve also got to realise that every development department has its priorities. Something you may think is a burning issue (geif moar bank slots, dances, hairdos, Italian server, Vanilla server) can be way down the list.

WoW is a massive game and each change takes time and money to implement, this is also taken into account when they prioritise jobs. You also dont know what is already in the pipeline. So your amazing new and interesting idea may have already been dismissed a million times already or is just about to be put into place in the latest patch.

You could apply for a job there :) Or just send them suggestions.Player-made mods - interesting idea but...
Mods would be client-side meaning only you (or anyone else who had the same mod) would see it.
That being said - you still have to find a way to inject the code into the client without altering it in any way...else youd be in breach of the terms of use.
Theres also the small problem of security - whats to stop the unscrupulous out there altering your mod to add their own little surprise?
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