Weird lag going on
So, yeah, today while I was playing I noticed something weird, my character while moving wasnt moving fluently, there was like a small lag every 0.5s which made the game pretty annoying to look at. My latency was good ~100MS, also tried disabling all addons, nothing worked, so I am now reinstalling the game + redownloading all the patches. The game was yday running perfectly fine, but all of sudden, it started to act weirdly, it was somehow slow, FPS was all the time high i.e. 60 since I am using VSCYN...

Anything I can do to fix that?Tried to reinstall the whole game over night, did not help at all, also tried updating my GC drivers, did not help too

Just deleted WTF, Cache, Interface, still the same problemOkay, so I uploaded a video so everyone can see what I mean

focus on the movement of the character, dont mind the fps spikes its because I am recording, but you can see how it is "lagging"

Any help?Did you resetted your router?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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