WoW crashing.
Problem: Whenever I visit one specific archaeology site in stonetalon mountains I get the following error message and wow crashes.

"This application has encountered a critical error:

An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.

Program: D:World of WarcraftWow.exe
File: WorldMapsKalimdorKalimdor_30_28_tex0.adt

EDE920471DF8EE378BBB1347B656EF1F 1339006 1

It doesnt matter if Im running addons or not, Ive deleted wtf, cache and interface too, and thats made no difference.

Any thoughts? :( Im thinking I might need to reinstall wow. :(Hello,

Could you please run the Repair tool? Then delete the DataCache folder and test the game.

Should the issue persist, Id recommend you to completely uninstall your game client, delete the World of Warcraft folder and reinstall the game again.Tried it all. Reinstalling now though after deleting the data and cache folders. :(
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