Several problems

Im having a number of problems at the moment:
1. login problems
2. Retrieving Item information instead of actual item information
3. Quests i cant complete

1. Login problems
When i login in to the game, the first attempt i get disconnected a while after the loading screen (after having selected a character to play). On the second attempt i get the connected message, but i dont get "authenticated" and i cant get into my character selection. On the third attempt i actually get into the game. Its always like this and i never get through on the first attempt.

2. Retrieving item information
When im ingame a number of items dont have a description. Instead when i hover over them it says, "Retrieving item iformation" in red text. These items are unusable like the seeds of life you collect with herbalism, and i cannot sell or "drop" them.

3. Uncompletable quests
At the moment there are two that i know of. The first one is a cooking daily in orgrimmar (stealing from our own) where you have to collect 6 barrels at the trolls in orgrimmar. The second quest is the crocolisk quest in Tol Barad where you have collect 8 items from killed crocolisks.
On my druid i can do the cooking daily, but in my rogue the barrels are non-interactive. The crocolisk cannot be looted when im on the quest, but when i drop the quest and kill a crocolisk i can actually loot it.

A GM has contacted me ingame after i made a report about the buggy items, and he had me do a couple of steps (delete the WTF, interface and cache folders) and the GM even checked the (for me) buggy items while i was on another char. The GM told me that for him the items werent bugged at all and he said there was nothing he could do for me, and so he opted that i made a post on this forum.

When i log into my account on my girlfriends PC i can login the first attemp and the items that are buggy when i log in on my computer are normal. Ive not tested the quests.

Ive reinstalled the game on my pc several times, ive copied my girlfreinds version of the game to my pc and ive even reinstalled my pc, but nothing seems to solve these problems ive been having over a month now. Starting with the login problems, then items started bugging and then the quests.

Over the past few months ive been contacted by the helpdesk a number of times but none of their suggestions have helped either.

Hopefully you guys got some ideas,

Thanks in advance,
UnderscorebumpsHello Underscore

We have seen some cases whereby altering the MTU settings that your network adapter uses can resolve this issue. To do this, firstly download Dr. TCP which can be found here;

When it is downloaded, run it and then select your Network Adapter from the drop down list. Please then enter 1400 in the box marked MTU, click Save and then restart your system. Then, test the game to see if these settings have resolved this issue.

You may need to try this a few times, i.e. altering the value to 1300, 1200, 1100 and see if any of them help.That was one of the things the support people asked me to do, sadly without any help.

Ive tested some more things, and the only logical thing that is left for me is, that its hardware related. I mean, ive even shared my WoW folder, and ran the game from a different computer, and that time i could log in on the first attempt without problems.

The thing is, im only experiencing problems with WoW and not with any other programs that require an internet connection.
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