New laptop and i still lag
I recently bought a new laptop because i thought my old laptop was a problem.
This was my old laptop (it was brand new though not refurbished) :

So i bought a new laptop this one :

i was told is was good for playing wow.

My friend has an older hp it overheates alot but is still better than mine an i cannot work out why:

My friend never lags or nothing, but i lag constanstly.
Please help me i have no idea what to do. I cant heal because the lag makes my unreliable.If youre using addons try disabling them.Is it brand new?

Assuming its dual core and has over 1gb of RAM (memory) it should run smoothly.. make sure your not running anything else in the background.. (eg, playing music)

And check your graphics settings.. even my 4gb ram, dual 2.8ghz cant handle WoW over good graphics :/I have graphics set onto "Low" But then i have changed particle density, and view distance to good and i have no lag (unless i go to a busy main city, where i get minor short bursts of lag) and i have a cheap computer (ish).

This actually sorted out my problems. if you do not want lag in major cities too. then make all video settings to low, before you enter the city :)

Hope this helps. have fun
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