Trouble getting wow started with new samsung syncmaster
After installing two new samsung syncmaster p2450.

When I push the luncher I get to the first screen with downloads etc, then when I push play the picture flickers and drops down to the taskbar, I can hear the game but if I try to push the icon on the taskbar it just flicker and the desktop appears again. I tried to update graphic driver and it solved it for one day then I got the same problem again :( please helpI tried a samsung program called multiscreen, Here one can chose a application and decide which screen it shall run on. I selected the one i wanted and it seams to work so far.if the issue returns its possible that its being caused by a background application somehow minimising the game repeatedly.

Putting your PC into a selective startup may help resolve the issue by stopping the offending program from running at Windows start.

To Enable selective startup please follow the following steps:

1. Press the Windows Key + R
2. Type msconfig in the Open text area and click Ok
3. When on the General tab, choose Selective Startup and untick Load Startup items
4. Click Apply and then Ok to restart Windows using a selective startup.
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