Not enough free space!!!
I have deleted almost everything on my PC, printers scanners the lot yet I STILL get the not enough space, free up some space message!!
I have bought more memory and a new video card since I started playing WoW, I have just bought Cata and installed it OK, played the game Thursday OK, but EVERY single time a new patch gets installed I have problems. Im just getting absolutely sick to death of it, can anyone help?
My OS is Vista, I have raised the virtual memory to 10,000 of 11,494, at first it started to load then halfway through it just showed the same (annoying) message again.I have now tried downloading the game client at least 20 times, after removing everything possible from my pc and still I get the same message!!! At one point it said I need 10.5 GB for the game to load, so I deleted more items, then next time I tried the available space had gone down to 9.7 GB, I realised it was the the files downloading so I deleted the previous ones, but STILL the available space disappeared, at the last count it was 7.2 GB!!

Is there any possibility off someone from Blizz actually READING this thread and helping me out?I had the same issue. Was playing warcraft from a pc with only 80 gigabytes of harddrive memory. At the end it was only warcraft + standard operating system which was left.

People can give you all the advice in the world on how to expand the current usage of your HD. But at the end of the day youre only delaying the inevitable, you need more HD space.

I personally resolved it by buying an external harddrive. They are currently cheap as hell: For 50 euros you have a 1 TB version. Which should be enough for the coming 10 years of expansions ^^.

Its plug and play basicly. I just dropped the wow folder from my C to my E drive. No noticable delay/lagg even with my crappy 8 year old PC. Perfect solution.Shentou, thanks mate, youve been a million miles more helpful than Blizz, Im sick to death of having problems with WoW every single time theres a patch! I think (hope?) Ive resolved the problem myself now, I was deleting stuff that wasnt actually deleting (mainly WoW stuff! Surprise eh?) I read about a programme that tells you all the highest files that take up space on your PC and things like that, its called Treesize, if youre interested in getting it mate, its form JAM software and the free version I got meets the needs I had!
TBH I was thinking of deleting it for good only Id just bought Cata!!

Thanks again mate.
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