Blue Screen Crash
Every time i Login to WoW and select a character my screen goes black and turns blue saying thats it has a error and needs to restart to prevent damage. I was started playing this in August 2010 and it started crashing in Late September 2010. called up the company that made it and they helped me restore the computer to factory settings basicly cleared everything to the state when i brought the computer and ive downloaded WoW again and its still doing the same thing :S

The Technical Information is
STOP: 0x00000116


I have updated my intel and it still doin the same thing.Hi Rihoko

Can you go to your WTF folder and open the file with a text editor like Wordpad.

Then add this line to the file:
SET fixedfunction "1"

Then save and exit the file, then try the game again.Could you post a DxDiag?

Select "Start" > "Run" (Windows XP) / "Search" (Windows Vista/Windows 7) > "DxDiag"

Were interested in the following:

Operating system:
System manufacturer:
System model:
DirectX version:

Card name:
Driver version:
Driver date:
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