Latency Issues and the likes
Hi, Im having an issue that started a few days ago where I keep getting random lag spikes that last anywhere between 2 seconds, to never ending and me having to hard close the game as I cant even log out or exit game. Nothing has been changed on my operating system.

They seem to happen randomly, my latency thing will still be green sometimes even though the lag is terrible. Its actually unplayable.

When this spikes happen, my internet connection is fine as I can still browse internet etc with no problems. I can still see everybody/everything, but Its just as if Im lagging wayyyy behind.

Is this affecting several people? I was fine till a few days ago and now Its happening every second day or so.

Any help would be good, Im not a very technical guy so try and keep stuff simple ;P

FYI Im on Blades Edge server. Im in the UK and on a wireless connection.

I have also tried all the fixes that are suggested - still not helping.
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