Latency issue
Ive been playing WoW in China for more than a year now, and I recently got a lot of latency, between 3k and 10k ms. Sometimes it would go down to 1k and its rather possible to play, but as a pvp rogue, its quite hard.

Im running WoW on a Mac, Leopard OSX 10.6.6
I use a wireless router to connect to the internet.
I still havent bought Cataclysm on my account.

Leopards firewall works via applications, not single ports. Of course all WoW-related folders/applications are authorized by the firewall, but it wont help me in any way.
This problem is only WoW-related, but it happens on both my Macs (Macbook Air and my other Mac).

This is getting exhausting and annoying.
Please help.
Thanks :)Hello,

Ive been playing WoW in China

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. You will need to bring your latency issue to the Internet Service Providers attention.
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