Arena Queue system issues.
The Arena Queue system seems to have some serious issues.

I have sent in-game tickets regarding this and all game masters have replied that this issue has been resolved. it cetrainly has NOT been resolved.

we still sit in 5 minute queues just to end up queueing into the same team over and over. this week we queued into the same team 14(!) games in a row. while we kept queueing into them (and losing every game, widening the gap between our mmr and theirs) there were multiple teams from our guild queueing up aswell and we never faced them. those teams being alot closer to our mmr. they also sat in 5+ minute queues.

this is NOT an issue of inactivity in arena. this is a well known issue amongst players actively participating in arena. it is hitting the language-mixed bgs the worst, because you cant queue into french, spanish or german server teams if youre on a english speaking realm.

some GM even told me that this was intentional, which I am VERY sure of that its not. but it goes beyond that. something else in the queue system has a major glitch also. its not only the cross-language issue.

please, look into this and for the love of anything that is holy, dont tell us that it has been resolved, because it most certainly has NOT.Nothing on this yet?

Cant you atleast acknowledge it with a blue reply to tell us youre working on it? Cant be too much to ask... or?well, bumping this since you blue-dudes replied to a whole truckload of posts and just left this out...bump.
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