Problem with loading client
Decided to return to wow after 1,5 year staying away. So I bought this new addon, payed for one month game time and started loading client.

After 1-2 minutes of loading the speed drops to 0. To say more the network connection itself drops down while there are no problems on notebook which is connected to my internet through wifi.

I tried to plug directly without using router, I tried stopping brandmauer and all antivirus programs. Nothing helps - starting launcher and got no internet connection in a pair of minutes. After that only restarting helps.

Would welcome any help or hints.

PS using windows 7 home basicIm having this same problem (I think) and was so surprised I hadnt seen anything on the forums about it, I decided to look elsewhere. The only advice I could find was to disable QoS, which I did and I still have this same issue.

Downloading a patch or anything "big" through the downloader results in me losing my Internet connection. Just for this particular computer, obviously. I then deactivate (?) my network connection/card and reactivate it and everything goes back to normal for another few minutes before I have to do it all again.

Downloading large files without the WoW downloader works, no problem there.

Im using Windows Vista Home Premium.Hello,

Could you please disable the Peer-to-Peer option?

- Run the Launcher and click Options -> Downloader Preferences
- Disable Peer-to-Peer and click OK

Should the issue persist, Id recommend you to ensure your network adapter is running the latest available drivers. I would also recommend you to install the most recent firmware for your router. If your router features an integrated Stateful Inspection Firewall (SPI), please disable it and try downloading the required files again.Personally, I havent had peer-to-peer enabled for a good long while since I actually got faster downloads without it. Ill check the other stuff, though.
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