Graphical problems
Since the launch of Cataclysm, Ive been having some serious issues in the new zones!
Mount Hyjal and Vashjir were playable for me, but Deepholm is just terrible. There are all kinds of stripes, squares and other form messing up my surroundings.


I have a good graphics card (ATI Radeon HD5770) which lets me run all other recent games at high settings. Ive updated all my drivers and I still have this problem :/ Anyone has a possible solution? Thx in advance :)Got the exact same problem, my graphics looks just like yours. Some areas in Vashjir had the same problem, but not as problematic as Deepholm, unplayable, cant see q givers etc. Noticed that this only occurs when you get closer to the ground, whilst mounted on the flying mount there aint no problems viewing the ground from a distance.

The problem seems to only occur in the new areas.

I play on a ATI HD4850 with the latest ATI drivers and directx etc.Ok, I was a bit to fast on my reply, however, found the solution to my problem in the sticky for technical problems for patch 4.03.

I added the following to the config file in the WTF folder: SET gxApi "d3d11"
which solved my problem. I am currently running the catalyst 10.11 driver and with this change the artifacts was removed completely!
How am I supposed to add that line? Ive tried it a bunch of ways, but I still have the same problem that has been described here
FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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