Stuck on Retrieving Character List [ON MAC]
I previously posted a thread like this, and blizzard gave me a way to troubleshoot it, but for windows only and now the thread is locked, so please, any advice for mac?

Here is the original post:

I am stuck on my "retrieving character list" login spot, I was previously stuck on the loading screen after I picked my character and I tried to troubleshoot that problem by doing the Blizzard Hot fix by deleting/moving my Cache WTF and Interface Folders to reset. It did not work, nor did it work when I moved them all out or one at a time. I also ran the WoW repair thing and redownloaded the game. I am on my colleges campus wifi, which I havent had a problem with before other than the ports being blocked for a little while when they were updating the server. Im not really sure what else to do because I ran through the things that Blizzard offers for a Hotfix and they dont seem to work. Ive googled this and called Blizzard only for no help or insight.Im having the same problem, any suggestions?
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