Very very slow download speeds

I have the most outrageously slow downloads speeds ever, just thought Id start up playing again for a little bit, and now have a 10.2GB download needed, in about 6 hours it has only downloaded 2.3GB of this, with speeds peaking around 60Kb/s but the average being under 20Kb/s... which is painfully slow.

It is nothing to do with my connection.. usually get very fast speeds of 1Mb/s when downloading.

I have opened all the ports on my router and firewall (apart from the ports 6881 - 6999... cos who really has time to enter 118 ports!?)

I dont have a virus either.

Someone please help, my WoW addiction needs feeding in at least 14 hours or I might just turn to heroin since they are basically the same thing! (kidding about that last bit, I wouldnt actually haha)
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