Using a Gamepad on WoW
Hello everyone ! :)

I didnt really know in wich forum to post this but this the Technical support seems to be the best choice.

Im a huge fan of Racing games on PC and to play those, Ive a XBOX360 gamepad for the PC.
The other day, I was asking myself : "why not trying to use it on WoW ?".
But the thing is : I could bind any of the buttons to an action IG.
So my question is : "Is it possible to play WoW with a Gamepad ? And if it is, how can I change my bindings ?"

I know that a Keyboard+mouse is better. But it would be fun to just lvl a Character throught the New Azeroth with a gaming pad.

Thats kind of it ;)


EDIT : I tried to use a software called "SwitchBlade" (2007). the problem is that you need to register yourself and the registration-server does not exist anymore (neither does the Website).Anyone familiar with this ? =/Never heard of that , either ways it will be uncomfortable as hell , wont suggest that , its not the kind of game made out for a gamepad (Im also using a xbox 360 gamepad on my PC)
FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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