Problems connecting, viewing items.

i have wrote about this before but got no response. Also tech support did nothing, not really read about this problem.

Now i even have reinstalled WoW (new path, no addons, run repair.exe).

I still have issues with my game client.

1) Logging in:
When i run game client i HAVE to log in 3 times. Every time i exit and run it again i have to repeat this process:

- log in, select char and connect - when the loading bar is @100% after a longer while (~ 3-5min.) i get disconnected to the log in screen with "disconnected from server" message.

- next i log in again and the status stops at "connected", nothing happens no matter how long i leave it like that, so i click cancel - im "logged in" on the realm but i see no chars, i hit cancel again and go back to the log in screen

- finally i log in for the third time and i get connected properly

2) Items in the game (mostly cata items, also misc armor -> almost all Shirts):
Some of the items are not properly viewed in the game. Most of them are cata items but the problem concerns almost all Shirts as well.

When trying to view such item i.e. from a link i get label with "retrieving item info" message.
In the Auction House when searching for Shirts there are no results ("searching" message is displayed all the time) or i see one or two models if they happen to be on the market.
When searching some armors/weaps some of the cata items are not displayed in the results (i.e. i have 4 pages of results after the search and some of the results are randomly placed EMPTY bars (no item info, no pic).

As i wrote before i have reinstalled whole game, run repair.exe, had no addons, tried deleting wtf/cache/interface.
My OS: win xp sp2, all but sys specific programs turned off.

Please help... it kills the joy of the game...

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