I have a problem with my connection. Any time i go 25ppl raid after pull my latency is going from 75 ms to 6k and got dc. I have similar problem also on AV or Isle of concuest when im in a fight with many players. I dont know what can be a problem i was traying to Raid without any addons and on lowest grapic configuration. Its rather confusing that on 10 man raids i have no problem with that. What can i do with that? I add my speed test link http://www.speedtest.net/result/1134982835.pngTo make sure that this issue isnt being caused by an out of date or corrupt addon, corrupt cache data, or incorrect game setting: please delete your WTF, Cache and Interface folders.

Do not replace any addons before attempting to play the game again.Im afraid its still the same. Just checked with my guild on Halfus and my ms jumped drom 82 to 1800 and then got dc.hmmm any idea what can I do with that?
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