Disconnects and latency
Hey, ive been having a few problems with WoW lately. Every afternoon from around 4 till 11 at night, WoW is unplayable. Ill either server dc constantly, so the text in the chat bar changes but everything else is unmoving and im unable to do anything, and then itll finally disconnect. Or itll be playable in short spaces until i randomly get a latency jump of 300-5000.
The internet is perfectly usable, browsers are as quick as ever, but WoW is useless. Any idea on why this is happening and how i could fix it?Having the exact same problem , really need to sort this out because Im really getting frustrated about this matter.Having same problem. I get disconnected and as said above, I can still communicate with raid, guild via chat. I can even talk on vent/TS no problem. But the game is frozen. Then i either get DC after a short while, or it unfreezes, with everything that happen during the lag period happning super fast and resulting a bloody high latency.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. This is highly unpractical for raiding :(

edit: Yes I have deleted all cache, interface and wtf folder and still getting the same kind of disconnection.

Any feedback from a blue would be helpfulI am having the same problem with my main character, but if I log in with one of the smaller ones it is fine! As soon as I am logged in, pick my character, on screen for 1-2 seconds then tells me i have been disconnected- getting fed up!
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