Impossible to raid due to low fps
Ever since 4.0.1 Ive been unable to do any 25 man and (to a lesser degree) most 10 man raids without a massive fps drop, to the degree that my computer looks like a Baywatch rendition of the Lich King. Initially, there was no issue after the patch (with settings fairly high up), but a week after it slowed to a halt. My PC meets the minimum requirements for the game and is basically:

AMD Turion X2 dual Core Mobile RM 74 2.20 GHz
4GB memory
ATi Radeon HD3200
Windows 7 32bit

Its fairly weak but was fine for this game before the patch, and should be even after. I intend to replace it later the next year but thats besides the point as Im stuck with it for now. Can anyone think of possible reasons why this happens? I tried lowering graphic settings, disabling ALL addons etc. and yet that only helped marginally, at best.Im very much having the same issue, I get like 30-60 fps in most areas in sw i get like 15-20 when its populated but in 25m raids i get like 5fps and can drop to 3fps in combat. any help would be appreciated.Hi there,

The main reason for low FPS in raids or dungeons is simply AddOns. To make sure its not caused by an interface issue or AddOns, please delete your WTF, Cache and Interface folders in your World of Warcraft directory, and then please try the game again.I think its your CPU, i have the same in my laptop and ever since cataclysm i havent been able to play the game at all. Before cata, solid 40+ fps everywhere i went and all tests i ran in the internet said my computer was great for WoW, now, they all say my cpu is too slow.

Also my laptop runs with 4650 ati radeon video card thats better than yours and still im unable to play the game, unfortunately i think you have to go for new pc, thats what im doing.
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