Stuck on loading screen
Hey, I was in BRD with this character and when I teleported out, the loading stopped at around 95%. I quit the game, but the same thing happens now when I try to log in.

In the guild tab, my character seems online and inside BRD, but upon any contact attempt it says that the character cannot be found, so basically is offline.

This happened days ago and I wrote a ticket from my other character, but I guess GMs are busy. Every other character works fine.

My druid, it seems, is lost in between dimensions :)

Anybody else with this problem?Hello,

If deleting the Cache and DataCache folders located in the game directory does not solve the issue, you will need to login with another character and contact our in-game Game Masters.Totally forgot about the Data/Cache folder...

Anyway, its fixed. Thank you.Glad to hear its working fine.
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