[Urgent] Graphic fails and crashes.
So i just reinstalled my pc, using Alien respawn, and after i did, i reinstalled everything, and after that im getting major fps drops, and major graphic glitches..


That sort of thing all around, never had an issue with this before... Also, playing wow makes my ATI driver crash and reset itself about twice a min, which causes lagg and really isnt fun..

Playing with everything on ultra and high, did this before, no problem at all, my FPS before was about 60 all the time, now im capped at 40.. What on earth has happend?

Its making the game unplayable, so any tips how to fix this fast would be nice, seeing as i got a raid later on tonight..
Alien respawn

As far as I recall this DVD installs outdated drivers.

Could you please ensure your hardware is running the most recent drivers?Doing it as we speak, i realized that it could be an issue with that, but seeing as this PC is pretty much new, only had it for like a month, i wasnt expecting that to be an issue..I will update you on the matter as soon as my internet decides that i should be allowed to download at 300 kb/s without it dying..
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