WoW on Acer Aspire 5741G
Will WoW work on my Acer Aspire 5741G laptop?
Ive been looking around on the internet and i found another forum where they said no, you wont be able to play wow on that. But yesturday i saw a video on youtube with just the same computer except another processor. So this is my settings.

Intel i5-430M 2.26Ghz at 2.53Ghz with turbo (2 cores and 4 threads+3M cache 3MB)
Nvidia Geforce GT320M 1GB up to 2,7gb with Turbocache (running at 650,900,1430)
4GB of DDR3 1066Mhz ram
500GB Harddrive(not sure about RPM)
Resolution: 1366x768

1TB External Harddrive 7200RPM(For Programs so i wont fill up my harddrive)
Coolermaster U2 Notebook coolerYou will certainly be able to play the game, however, you may need to lower some of the graphical settings. So, yes, WoW will work. :)Hello,

Your hardware is fully supported by DirectX. The game should work just fine.Awesome, just what i wanted to know.
Any idea of what graphics i need and what FPS i will get?
Was thinking on doing 25-Man Raids later...
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