Please help, cant get on wow, dont know why.
Hi there,
I do not know why i can not get onto world of warcaft game play.
My account subscription is up.
I have done a wow repair, many of times.
I havent deleted any world of warcraft files or folders.
I have internet connection (Obviously, as im posting this here)
My account details has not been shared with anyone else, i have had the only access.

Yet i am getting disconnect ever 2 minutes. i dont know why. sometimes i can get into the game and play for 2 mins then i get disconnected. sometimes it wont get to the part of showing my characters. and sometimes it gets up to the loading stage where it shows the tip, gets to the end, freezes and disconnects me.

i have done the things that have been recommended to do, yet none of them have worked.

If anyone else has had the same problem, and has solved this please may you help me to get back and play the game? as it is being very annoying :)

Thanks for your time in reading this, and Thank you for your comments. They will be read :)myself and my partner are having the same problem we have done the repair (most of the time we cant even get it to rapair) and everything else that is recomended but still we have problems stayin logged in to the game, sometimes we cant even log in it comes up with launcher can not connect please check internet settings when we have internet access and can do eveything else which is really annoying, if u have found out how to sort or repair pass it on thanks :)Hello,

I will need you to post relevant information such as:

- Operating System and Service Pack
- CPU and RAM
- Graphic adapter and drivers
- Sound adapter and drivers
- Network adapter and drivers
- Security software

This article will help you retrieve this information:
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