Race Change Issues
Today Ive tried to purchase a racechange, however the website doesnt redirect me to the Maestro SecureCode, and just says payment failed. I phoned blizzard billing and they said it looks like a problem with my bank refusing payment, so I phoned my bank. But they said it was a problem with the battle.net website because it wasnt even redirecting me to the SecureCode.

Halp please!just of the phone to blizzard they said they have been having problems with maestro since last night. Its not u its them all thay say is have patience!!! there working on it.ok cool, thanks. hope it works in the morning, i must be a female orc damnitHi,

Yes this is an issue thats currently under investigation, we are hoping to get the matter resolved soon.

All we can suggest is to try again later, possibly tomorrow.
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