Seemingly Random Crashes
Since about a month ago every time I log into WoW my computer will freeze up causing me to do a forced shutdown.

It could happen a minute after I log in or after 4 hours of raiding, which is very annoying and since Im one of my guilds main raiders its both a pain for me and them since they have no clue if im going to crash or not.

When the crash occurs my monitor goes blank and any audio crashes and repeats the last second of audio super fast untill I power down (You know, what I mean).

I get no error reports, no warning, it just makes my monitor go blank and stops anything my PC is running (Although the computer itself is still on).

I ran a system restore to revert it back to factory settings, after re-installing WoW I got the same problem.

I also discovered I got the same problem whilst playing DC universe online, if the problem may be linked.

Could anyone diagnose and maybe give some help on the matter? My computers only a year old (Dell Studio XPS with vista) and it just doesnt seem like it would conk out on me after so little time.


Sounds like overheating of some sort, as your using a laptop have you looked into the temperatures in your system when playing games?I had the same issue with my sony vaio a couple of years back... ?1200 game spec laptop and after a year of having it wow used to crash and freeze in exactly the same way as you are describing.
Sad to say that about 6 months of that and it never turned back on one day!
The cause was over heating and it slowly melted the solder in the componants and finished with frying the motherboard! :(
I now have a different laptop.
My advice is to back up everything that is precious to you on that laptop. Dont loose 3000 photos like i did....(I still have the HDD to extract them but havent got round to it yet).
That ofc may not happen to you and I hope it never does but I wanted to let you know.
Not sure where you got the idea from but Im not using a laptop, It is a desktop.

Your theory seems to make sense, would overheating be a matter on a desktop or could something else be causing it?

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