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ok i got a big problem and it isnt the first time, is always the same
with patches i dont get the patch download i always need to go on safe mode with connection to be able to dowload it, he problem now is it doesnt work anymore i have tryed it several times again and it says that wow is fully dowloaded and ready to be played, when i go back at normal mode im not able to do that cause it says initializing please wait. did wait for 3 hours so far so plz tell me what i can do, i tryed my avg already and also i&m administrator of wow. srry for my bad english but im dutch. thxSame issue here, never had this problem before, like needing to go into safe mode etc. But yes it says : initializing please wait and nothing moves. Connection info doesnt open either.Hmm ok solved, I ran the Repair tool in the wow main directory, took 3 minutes. Then opened Launcher and all is fine now.I have the same problem as Holypain, but Repair tool didnt help, i disabled my firewall and put the ports needed by WoW downloader as the exceptions in my anti-virus software...Ive ran it in safe mode and tried, that didnt work either. Is there any way as to disable my anti-virus software? I got it not long ago as its free..its AVG.
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