Deepholm freezing
For some reason, Deepholm makes my computer nuts when looking at certain things and directions. I run the game maxed out, with around 120 FPS. I have no idea what is going on. The screen starts freezing up a few seconds at a time, and eventually it jumps to the desktop and says that the video driver stopped working, and had to be restored. I tried reinstalling the drivers. Didnt help at all. The problem is only in deepholm. When it starts acting up, i can usually make it stop, by looking in the opposite direction (???)

1 particular place i know it doesnt like, is the usual route you fly from Temple of the Earth, to the entrance of Stonecore. I even had to restart the computer at one point because it just froze totally while looping a high pitch screeching sound.

i7 950
6 GB Ram 1600 mhz
Asus SabertoothX58
Win7 64Have you tried running the game in DirectX 11 mode?Hmm not sure how i do that.Add "-d3d11" to the games command line via Properties (dont include the quotation marks, and add a space before the hyphen).
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