Unsupported For Graphics Reated Reasons
Greetings, yesterday my partner brought a new desktop PC and in almost all respects its exactly the same as my own.

After installing WoW on it yesterday she logged today and was setting the correct resolution etc. The problem is there is a red bar in the graphics section that will not allow her to set everything to ultra.

She can set most things (view distance, particle density etc.) to the max but it will not allow her to enable sun shafts and the new liquid effects.

The computer and graphics card are definatly capable of supporting WoW (As I said, its the same as my computer and I play WoW in ultra hassle free).

The drivers are up to date also and the problem still remains.

How do we fix this?*** Also - I forget to mention when hovering over the red bar the message Unsupported For Graphics Reated Reasons is displayed, this is not the same as if her computer could not handle it as it would say Unsupported Graphics Card.Hi,

Without knowing your specs it would be difficult to say, as its a new computer the first thing you should do is to make sure that you have the latest drivers installed, starting with your graphic card.Spec:


* Intel
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