authenticator keeps failling to show up on my phone
hey blizzard

i have a nokia n97 and bought the mobile authenticator, it downloaded and installed fine, but when i look through my menus it doesnt show up anywhere, i can find it using the search function but for some reason my phone crashes when i do that, the only way i can use the authenticator is by re-installing it over and over everytime i want to log in since i can start it right after installation but that is the only way it can be booted on my phone (that i have found so far) (lucky i made a back up of the installation)

i already contacting your phone support, they tried to help me for which im gratefull but couldnt offer me a solution and in the end directed me to nokia, i contacted my local nokia support phone but i got a guy on the phone that didnt even ask for my mobile phone model before saying he couldnt help me (basicly what he said was that if it isnt in the appz menu then we cant help you) when i asked for someone who does know more about phones than just knwoing how to turn them on he said everybody here knows as much about nokia phones as i do... (good to know that nokia doenst know their own phones :P ).

is there an update in the works that fixes this issue and are more people having trouble with it? my phone runs the latest symbian v5 OS that is also on the nokia n95 and the 5800xpress music if im not mistaken.

thanks for the help in advance

Greetz RevolbumpNokie N97 online as it happens!!!
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