Comp shuts down

I already ticket this problem.
I play wow since october on this computer.
Had no problems what so ever.
But lately when i start wow, my computer shuts down.
i thought heating problems, check the vans etc. Everything was fine
then i saw other people on general chat having the same problem.

Im pretty much a computer geek, and i tried everything.
Opening my firewall, forwarding etc etc.
I have a aspire z5610.

I hope you guys can help,
love to play wow, i like to continue with it

sounds like the thing i had a while back.
you should check if your RAM is ok, go back to the place where you got your PC and let em check it. Your ram might be broken and wow uses alot of ram so it might be thats the reason your PC shuts down everytime you try to play wow.Can you try starting the computer into a selective startup and then running the game again.

To Enable selective startup please follow the following steps:

1. Press the Windows Key + R
2. Type msconfig in the Open text area and click Ok
3. When on the General tab, choose Selective Startup and untick Load Startup items
4. Click Apply and then Ok to restart Windows using a selective startup.
Okay, thank u for the solution.
It worked for 2days now the problems is back.
Starting couple ours ago.

I dont think its my RAM. I have 4gb ram recently replaced.
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