installation problem with wow missing data file
Ive just paid for WOW digital download, installed it. Ive already got the other game add ons, went to install burning crusade and it came up with a message stating that wow was installed in the programes folder, did i want it to moved to the public folder while it was doing burning crusade. clicked yes for it to go ahead.
another message came up " the file c:program files/world of warcraft/data/common.MPQ could not be opened" contact blizzard technical support (installerfile:open)

when ive checked the programes folder where it is installed the data file is missing.
I ran the repair tool and the problem still persists.

Can anyone help me..........Im not very technical. Thanks


I have a account and have also paid the 6 months subscription.Hi,

That file doesnt exists on the current client, its from an older client. Did you already have the full game including patches installed prior to installing TBC?
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