having problems with DCs
About every 5-10 mins of playing Wow freezes up then DCs me from the server. I have tried everything I can think of from switching from windowed to fullscreen, reseting my modem, messing with graphics settings, turning off my adons and still nothing seems to work.

Help would be appreciatedmy boyfriend has a similar problem.

He can play all day with no problems, 19:00 servertime comes and he freezes and gets dcd all the time.
We share the same net, i have no problems and he has loads. He logs in on my iMac and gets the same problems, I log in on his laptop and im fine.
So its obviously his account not the laptop / internet connections fault.

Will check back here to see if you got it sorted (hopefully you will soon)Alt Tabbing frequently sometimes causes you to disconnect.

If you are using a wireless connection, sometimes (this happens to me), certain wireless objects such as certain phones can cause you to disconnect from the internet and interrupt the connection. Other than that, i have no idea, but im no expert.

As for Corpsecena, when the login servers were having problems, my brothers account could log in fine whereas mine could not connect. Maybe your brothers account loses connection to the Blizz login servers at peak times perhaps? I dont know if this is possible, its just coming off the top of my head :PSame thing happened to me... DCs started around 14:00 server time and so far I cant log in for more than 5 minutes, during which my latency jumps to mad numbers lik 6504 or so... On every latency/speed test I didnt get anything higher than 100ms latency, so I dont think its my fault...
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