Guild Menu broken
So yeah, couldnt find a thread on this so i open one.
On this toon here my Guild menu is broken, like the title says.

Guild, Roster, Info and News tab are all empty, and the guild is showed as Guild Level 0. Also my Guild Perk menu in my Skillbook is gone, and the perks dont seem to apply anymore (Hearthstone Cooldown is 30minutes again).

I checked on another character in a different guild, menu is fine. Other peoples menu in this guild seems to be fine too, altough it seems one other member seemed to have the same problem this morning. Havent seen her online since then.
I also deleted my cache, so that dosent seem to be the problem. Relog also does nothing.

If you should need any more infos from me, feel free to ask.Hi,

Try resetting your cache and settings back to their defaults. With the game closed down please locate your World of Warcraft installation folder and delete the directories called WTF, Cache and Interface.

Restart the game and check to see if you have the same problem.
01/02/2011 1:19 PMPosted by Gelmkar
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